When I was young, my father used to sit us down in front of a wall, take out his slides, turn off the lights and show us the world. I used to sit in awe with my little brothers as he would click through slide after slide - telling us the stories of his travels through each continent with my mother and the people they met along the way. That was possibly the moment I fell in love with film and photographing real love and just hadn't fully understood what love meant - just yet.

If I think back on the value of those slides, or the albums from the years to come - The feeling is overwhelmingly infinite.

My mission as a photographer is to provide those timeless treasures to my clients so that one day they can look back with their family and experience that same love for this craft.

Keeping it Analogue

And all things print

For the love of Film.

Film feels like the closest thing to magic. Even when I shoot digital I am replicating film as closely as possible because there is something so special in the look and feel of real film.
Everything from color to character is different with film and perfectly expresses the feelings I am trying to achieve with my work. It takes extra care and skill to use film but it is well worth the time and the cost. 

Why film?

I always provide high quality galleries in both color and black & white with the options of ordering prints in various sizes.

I do not charge for web quality or hi-res files but I encourage you to consider me for your print purchases. There is a lot of factors that go into understanding what makes a high quality print and I have spent the time and money to research this myself so that you don't have to.

Both weddings and engagements come with prints included in the session price. If you are considering booking me for portraits, family sessions, or any other session and you are interested in prints I will gladly make sure they are print ready and we can discuss the best way to turn your photos into heirlooms.

High Quality Prints